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Lounge Underwear gets personal

By Retail Technology | Thursday December 10 2020

Underwear brand and retailer Lounge Underwear has signed up to a new customer engagement platform to improve customer personalisation

Lounge Underwear has selected Emarsys as its customer engagement platform because it’s customer insights will enable the brand to run more targeted, personalised and effective digital marketing campaigns.

Emarsys’s platform will analyse and centralise the data of Lounge Underwear customers and integrate with Lounge Underwear’s wider technology stack, including Shopify+, to provide a singular, unified view of all customer data streams, eliminating unnecessary silos.

Personalised one-to-one messaging will reflect customer behaviour and preferences more accurately, while Emarsys’s artificial intelligence will automatically recommend product offers to different customer segments. Both will drive brand loyalty and the success rate of marketing campaigns, boosting revenue in the short and long term.

Arron Kooner, head of customer communications at Lounge Underwear, said: “We weren’t really looking to move from our old vendor, but when we saw the power of Emarsys’s platform, and just how easy it was to use, we knew we had to make the switch. The ease with which Emarsys presents your own customers’ data back to you in an intuitive and graphical way makes running campaigns really quick and easy.”


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