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Best Buy Canada upgrades employee experience

By Retail Technology | Friday January 22 2021 | UPDATED 22.01.21

Consumer electronics retailer Best Buy Canada has overhauled its current intranet system to digitally enhance its employee experience

Best Buy Canada will work with Unily to design an intranet that will completely revolutionise its internal communications, replacing an existing legacy solution and creating a digital hub for employees to become more collaborative, engaged, and functional.

Having over 12,000 employees across Canada, Best Buy Canada needed a way to ensure all employees – including corporate, frontline store staff, and distribution centre workers – were connected, informed, and had all the information they require in a single one-stop-shop.

The new intranet will create a single source for employees to get information and up-to-date company news and will act as a digital hub for social collaboration. It will also enable two-way feedback for employees, offering an interactive place for workers to connect while they support the more than 250 million unique customer visits digitally and in-store each year.

“As a digital-first organisation, we want to provide employees with a solution that meets the current times in terms of how people communicate with each other,” said Scott Parker, communications specialist at Best Buy Canada.