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M&S looks to supercharge online growth

By Retail Technology | Monday February 8 2021 | UPDATED 08.02.21

Iconic retailer M&S is looking to supercharge its online growth with a new analytics framework

M&S is using the Solteq Deep Vision framework and related services to improve ecommerce performance.

The Deep Vision service identifies the online struggles experienced by consumers and explains how these inefficiencies affect sales revenues and impact negatively on user experience. In addition to profiling customer behaviour, Deep Vision helps companies identify and prioritise the needed development work on optimising online stores.

Simon Wood, head of operations for M&, said: "Solteq Deep Vision service has been working with us for two years, and the team has helped us to identify critical and longstanding online issues affecting the customer experience allowing us to improve our ecommerce features. With the acceleration of our online business given changing customer habits, we’re pleased to be continuing to collaborate on ensuring the very best user experience on M&”





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