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Lovehoney hots up with mobile-first

By Retail Technology | Monday March 8 2021 | UPDATED 08.03.21

Sexual wellbeing brand and online retailer Lovehoney has created a new mobile-first platform

Lovehoney has partnered with Astound Commerce for the project to lay the foundation for future growth through an enhanced customer experience.

With mobile making up approximately 80% of its traffic, coupled with the accelerated rise in ecommerce as the channel of choice for shoppers globally, Lovehoney recognised the need to digitally transform and provide an easy to use and compelling mobile experience.  Additionally, it wanted to enable its operational team to focus on delivering outstanding customer experience while at the same time gathering insights to improve the user experience and increase online revenue.

However, the legacy ecommerce platform  had reached its capacity and could no longer scale to meet the brand's aspirations.

Stakeholder interviews and anonymous online testing ensured customer insight informed user interface (UI) and branding changes. 

Brand refresh

Astound Commerce also collaborated closely with Lovehoney to deliver a brand refresh - refreshing and reimagining the typography, colour palette, graphic system, art direction and layout to make it more playful and modern.

With the site catering for both new and existing customers, Astound recommended using an illustrative approach to showcase product information, supporting and educating new customers while guiding them through their  decision making journey without being intimidating or overly graphic.

With informative, fact based and playful editorial content key to removing stigma and increasing consumer confidence when purchasing, Astound Commerce recommended the Amplience Content Management Solution (CMS).  This allows the Lovehoney team to create content in a standalone capacity, reducing the need for developer support while easily integrating the type of dynamic content, including podcasts, video and user reviews, needed to instil consumer confidence when purchasing products.

The US site went live in October 2020 allowing Lovehoney and Astound to monitor performance during the crucial Peak shopping period with key learnings to be reviewed and any necessary amendments made before the UK and rest of world sites launched in early 2021.

Debbie Bond, Chief Operating Officer at Lovehoney, commented: “The Astound team has worked collaboratively with us at every stage of the digital transformation project, providing us with the platform necessary to enable the next chapter of our amazing growth story, ensuring we fulfil Lovehoney’s ambitions for global category leadership.”

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