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Retail Technology

Tesco turns to tech for pest control

By Retail Technology | Friday April 23 2021 | UPDATED 22.04.21

New high-tech pest control has reduced the use of rodenticide at Tesco stores and warehouses by 40%

Rentokil Pest Control worked with Tesco to deploy PestConnect, a system that uses intelligent technology to monitor for pests in real-time, while also reducing reliance on toxic baits or rodenticides. 

Tony O’Donovan, head of pest control at Tesco, said: “Tesco is continually looking for ways to improve our sustainability practices and reduce our environmental footprint. Rentokil’s intelligent pest management system provides us with a wealth of data that helps us to more effectively manage pests, ensure our premises are properly pest proofed, and that robust prevention measures are in place.”