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Beano comic owner awards ecommerce contract

By Retail Technology | Tuesday May 11 2021 | UPDATED 11.05.21

The media company owner of the Beano has awarded a new contract for ecommerce fulfilment

DC Thomson has chosen James and James Fulfilment and will now have access to its cloud-based order management system ControlPort.

This strategic move provides DC Thomson with modern outsourced fulfilment, increased visibility of its supply chain and supports the firm’s desire to modernise fulfilment, while driving direct-to-consumer sales.

Craig Houston, head of ecommerce and partnerships at DC Thomson, said: “Our customers increasingly want to buy directly from our brands online. This need was amplified through the pandemic as we saw ecommerce grow substantially across our websites. This encouraged us to consider how we could improve our customer journey and involved reviewing our ecommerce processes and how we would modernise them to meet customer needs.”