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Situ Live debuts safe new retail concept

By Andrew Busby | Thursday October 14 2021

Situ Live, a new and immersive consumer experience, which reimagines the traditional commercial retail model, has opened its doors to the UK’s first discovery playhouse at Westfield London

The venue is packed with products designed to inspire your everyday, across a series of specially curated, themed theatres, brought to life by live storytelling. Spanning 7,500 square feet of dynamic, experiential space in Europe’s largest shopping centre, it’s an innovation destination like no other, where visitors can explore the latest devices from a selection of cutting-edge brands, in action and try them before they buy.

The venue is situated opposite the Apple store in Westfield London’s newly established ‘Innovation Alley’.

Situ Live turns the traditional retail model on its head by focusing on discovery and exploration, supported by a seamless, digital path to purchase. 

Content is curated around current trends and solving problems people grapple with in real life, such as getting fit, sleeping better or being more productive.

Warren Richmond, chief executive officer, Situ Live said; “Put simply, the retail landscape needs to be transformed and that is what we are doing with the launch of Situ Live.”

“Both the retail and events industries have been hit hard by the pandemic, but if 2020 taught us anything, it’s the value of human connection and social experiences. We believe that in the post-pandemic world people are looking to retail, leisure and event experiences to create unique and lasting memories which makes now the perfect time to launch Situ Live.”

“Retail needs reinvigorating as endless rows of boxes on shelves are boring. Instead, retail has to redefine its role and develop a new purpose to capture the hearts and minds of modern day consumers. With this new purpose comes change and the development of a new commercial model.

“Brands need to provide a space for consumers to understand how products work and how they may fit into and benefit their lives, whilst giving them the choice of where, when and how to buy the product. However traditional retail makes creating a space like this cost prohibitive for many brands. With Situ Live we remove those barriers by fundamentally changing the commercial retail model.”


But the tech extends beyond the brand partners, because Situ Live is revolutionary and represents something of a first in another way. Thanks to a partnership with SmartPrem, it is possibly the safest retail venue in the UK. Along with their partners, SmartPrem have installed a series of innovative measures not found together in any other indoor premises in the world, in order to keep everyone safe from all viruses and bacteria.

Richmond concluded: "Shopper safety remains our upmost priority, which is why we’re excited to be partnering with SmartPrem Solutions. This provides complete peace of mind to our visitors and staff at our Westfield London venue."




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