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DFR upgrades payments and loyalty

By Retail Technology | Tuesday December 14 2021 | UPDATED 14.12.21

Digital First Retail (DFR) – home of the Maplin, Office Outlet and Praktika retailers – is to implement a new payment and custome engagement platform

DFR will begin Phase One of the exciting partnership by rolling out the new Loyalize payment channel to its ecommerce platforms.

The move looks to provide these leading retailers with a safer, more cost effective, transaction option and reward customers with a better user experience and more loyalty benefits.

Slow processing, high risk of fraud and costly transaction fees are just some of the problems Loyalize’s new Pay by Bank scheme aims to solve by offering customers the option to pay directly and instantly from their bank accounts using a payment button, QR code or secure link.


For retailers, the benefits of this direct “bank transfer” include instant settlement (and therefore better cash-flow), savings of up to 80% against existing fees and 96% reduction in fraud rates, whilst without the need to enter payment information, customers also enjoy a smoother, faster user experience.

Ollie Marshall, MD of Digital First Retail, said: “We’re looking forward to Pay by Bank becoming the new standard in payments, which means we can reinvest our savings into lower prices, innovating our shopping experience and rewarding our loyal customers”.

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