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Lotus revs up with learning platform

By Retail Technology | Friday January 28 2022 | UPDATED 28.01.22

Car maker Lotus has selected a new platform to give it continual access to on-the-job knowledge and learning

The Lotus team has chosen the Fuse platform due to its comprehensive search, translation, and universal analytics capabilities – key factors that will support Lotus’ goal of delivering consumer-grade learning experiences that drive performance. 

Its migration to Fuse marks another step in the wider transformation of Lotus from a UK sports car company to a global performance car business and brand.

Helen Whitehurst, head of the Lotus Retail Academy, said: “As a team we were really impressed by the breadth of capabilities that Fuse can offer. It’s very social and collaborative, and because it also eradicates language barriers, it presents a clear solution in terms of providing our retail agencies with equitable and consistent learning experiences. We can even deliver virtual training events in multiple languages.”

Other key factors in the decision to engage Fuse included the platform’s ability to facilitate company expert knowledge-sharing – something that extends across borders given Fuse’s extensive auto-translation and auto-transcribe capabilities. In addition, the platform’s ability to support rapid onboarding, ongoing compliance, and even cost-savings through systems consolidation, were also cited as primary drivers in the selection process.


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