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Ann Summers shows off new learning platform

By Retail Technology | Monday August 15 2022 | UPDATED 14.08.22

Employees at lingerie retailer Ann Summers will be able to take advantage of a new platform and mobile app, providing a complete modern learning and communications strategy

Ann Summers has chosen Learning & Skills Platform specialist THRIVE to help the business achieve its bold new learning vision for hundreds of employees.

The partnership means over 1,000 frontline retail employees will be able to access learning opportunities, receive critical communications and collaborate with peers across its 85+ UK locations.

It will also improve the Ann Summers onboarding experience by providing a personalised, frictionless training experience for new hires, giving them access to learning content to help them perform from Day 1. In addition, employees will be able to access compliance content and training for key focus areas such equality and diversity. 

Becky West, L&D partner, Ann Summers, said: “We are thrilled to be entering this partnership with THRIVE, which will allow us to unite everyone with our learning strategy and streamline communication.”


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