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Trinny London gets modern makeover

By Retail Technology | Wednesday October 12 2022 | UPDATED 12.10.22

Beauty brand Trinny London has modernised its business with a new platform and digital agency

To support the brand’s projected business growth, Trinny London implemented NetSuite’s solution to optimise its back-end operations.

However, due to multiple project complications they looked for additional support and after a competitive pitch, digital agency Excellent Zephyr was selected to provide much needed expertise and advice to get the project live.

Having evaluated Trinny London’s technical requirements, Excellent Zephyr prepared a cutover plan and provided the brand with experienced consultants, dedicated technical resources and project management to achieve a successful go-live.


Then, order to seamlessly connect the software to Trinny London’s existing technology stack, Excellent Zephyr enlisted the support of the retail integration platform Patchworks.

“With a growing product portfolio and multiple sales channels we needed to have real-time visibility across the entire operation, accessible from anywhere at any time. As the UK faces a cost of living crisis and impeding financial challenges, the ability to streamline our operations and make strategic business decisions at speed and with agility is vital to our growth,” said Taher Khaliq, CTO at Trinny London.


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