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Art event leads the way with promotions

By Retail Technology | Monday October 30 2023 | UPDATED 30.10.23

The Charity Art Expo shares how retailers can learn about using smart links and social media power to transform the power of their promotions

In the world of event organising, the key to success isn't just about creating amazing experiences; it's also about effectively promoting those events to a broader audience. 

At a time when consumers are more selective about how they spend their money, personalised post-purchase communication is becoming increasingly crucial. It can transform a one-time attendee into a loyal customer, enticing them to return for future events and participate in peak season sales. This is where technology and smart links come into play.

Charity Art Expo (CAE), a self-funded art event, is leading the way in this approach. Under the guidance of its organiser and artist painter, Alex Colard, CAE is using an innovative ticketing service from Billetto and smart links to maximise the power of social media in its event promotion strategy.

By incorporating personalised post-purchase communication and the allure of an affiliate programme, they're demonstrating how event organisers can leverage technology for peak success.

The power of affiliate programmes

Today's consumers are more conscious of their spending, often searching for discounts before making a purchase. However, they still crave personalised experiences. The data shows that 66% of people expect companies to understand and meet their unique needs. In response, CAE has rolled out a strategy that combines technology with personalisation to drive customer loyalty and increase event visibility.

One of its strategies is the CAE Affiliate Programme. Here's how it works: exhibitors, who are an essential part of the event, are offered a compelling incentive. For every 90 SEK entrance ticket they sell, they receive a 1% discount on their 2000 SEK stand at the event scheduled for 18 May 2024. This ingenious approach provides exhibitors with a tangible benefit while fostering a sense of partnership.

To make this affiliate system run seamlessly, CAE employs Billetto's ticketing service. This platform facilitates smooth ticket sales and revenue tracking, essential components for ensuring exhibitors receive the rewards they deserve. It's an example of how technology can enhance the customer experience and create a win-win situation for event organisers and participants.

Smart social media links

The innovative use of technology doesn't stop at the affiliate programme. To maximise event promotion, CAE has harnessed the power of smart links and social media. Facebook and Instagram have become central platforms for advertising the event. Using smart links, consumers can easily click on the links provided in posts, stories, and bios to purchase their tickets.

This not only makes it convenient for consumers, but it also provides value for the exhibitors or affiliates. With every ticket sold through these smart links, exhibitors receive a 1% discount on their stands. It's an ingenious method to encourage them to actively participate in promoting the event.

The transparent system also benefits CAE's organisers. Through the technology provided by Billetto, they can easily monitor the views and sales generated by each exhibitor. This data allows them to assess the impact of each exhibitor's efforts in promoting the event. In turn, this data-driven approach empowers exhibitors to adapt and refine their promotion strategies to maximise their rewards.

The road to peak success

CAE's approach to leveraging technology, personalisation and affiliate programs is not only benefiting the event, but it also offers a valuable blueprint for other event organisers. As peak season sales become more competitive, any consumer-facing organisation needs to think creatively to make their offering stand out and foster customer loyalty.

The importance of post-purchase communication in building a community of loyal customers is becoming increasingly evident. By offering personalised experiences and rewards, it is possible to not only boost visibility but also enhance the overall customer experience. As data suggests, a customer is more likely to return when they feel valued and appreciated.

The example set by Charity Art Expo demonstrates the power of technology and personalisation. As we venture into a world where personalised experiences and incentives are becoming the norm,consumer-facing organisations must adapt and find innovative ways to engage with their customers and audience.

By using smart links and the principles of personalised post-purchase communication, organisations can pave the way for peak success and create a loyal and engaged community of attendees.

To find out more about CAE, please contact the organisers here and visit the dedicated event website here.

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