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Retail Technology

Market Analysis

Making multichannel seamless: why retailers should prioritise usability across channels

Published 23.10.12 by Retail Technology
Behavioural research expert Guy Redwood offers some advice to retailers about key usability considerations when developing a multichannel strategy

Optimising the customer experience

Published 16.10.12 by Retail Technology
Connected consumers — armed with laptops, tablets and smartphones — are transforming the traditional retail experience, according retail supply chain expert Scott Welty. Whether they are checking prices right in the aisle, using brick-and-mortar stores as a ‘showroom’ to check out a potential online purchase, or turning to the web for reviews and opinions, consumers are more connected and better informed than ever

Employees must become workforce management focus

Published 14.10.12 by Retail Technology
With an increased focus on exceptional customer service as a competitive differentiator, workforce management systems expert James Freshwater argues that retailers need to place greater emphasis on cultivating greater employee fulfilment

Is your website speedy enough for customers?

Published 02.10.12 by Retail Technology
No matter how perfectly crafted and stylish an online storefront is, if it sputters when web pages are loading and forces shoppers to stare at a spinning hourglass for too many seconds, Terry Costa points out that retailers will lose shoppers to the competition

Why is ‘big data’ such a huge issue for retailers?

Published 24.09.12 by Retail Technology
Hosted data expert Ivan Gunatillek explores why the amount of data generated by retailers in their operations and interactions with consumers is becoming an issue that is too big to ignore

Improving digital measurement strategies

Published 10.09.12 by Retail Technology
What if everything we thought we knew about digital measurement was wrong? Web analytics consultant Gary Angel explains how the failings in digital measurement have come to be and how to bypass them to make every retailer’s measurement better

Good customer service can save bricks and mortar

Published 06.09.12 by Retail Technology
In the face of dwindling disposable income and increased competition from online shopping, UK retail IT expert Ed Brindley argues that only by improving customer service can retailers ensure their physical store networks can not only survive, but also prosper and thrive

Attribution key to increased conversions and order values

Published 03.09.12 by Retail Technology
Search and online display marketing are required channels for retail brands. But the disciplines have evolved radically and are increasingly integrated and measured via digital marketing suites serving real time, behaviour-led campaigns, according to Ollie Bath

Olympic NFC: mobile attackers to go for gold?

Published 02.09.12 by Retail Technology
Mobile security expert Jimmy Shah debates whether Visa’s NFC payment test this month will highlight the risks or rewards surrounding the technology

Should retailers believe the mobile hype?

Published 27.08.12 by Retail Technology
A recent report on mobile shopping behaviour found significant differences in the way Britons shop across platforms, according to e-commerce expert Darren Hitchcock

Mobilising consumer payments

Published 26.07.12 by Retail Technology
Retailers need to make it easier for their customers to buy from them regardless of the platform, according to mobile payments expert John Milliken. Currently, consumers are finding most social media sites, adverts and mobile apps to be non-transactional

Facing up to retail security challenges

Published 19.07.12 by Retail Technology
Facial recognition technology has undergone major developments in recent years and, as a result according to security expert Atul Rajput, is increasingly being used for identification and verification in traditional security applications. He says now retailers are too beginning to realise the benefits of this technology beyond for just loss prevention and surveillance

The adoption and economics of 'omnichannel' retailing

Published 12.07.12 by Retail Technology
Multichannel retail expert Andy Tudor comments on the move in retail from ‘multichannel’ to ‘omnichannel’. He examines what this might mean for the industry and what kind of take-up the industry can expect for this new distribution model

Sales forecasting: the elephant in the room?

Published 05.07.12 by Retail Technology
Retail inventory optimisation expert Matthias Steinberg argues that forecasting technology has to date failed to adequately deal with slow-moving products even though they constitutes a large part of a retailer’s portfolio

Breaking down the PayPal instore payments offerings

Published 21.06.12 by Retail Technology
Retail software analyst Michael Koploy discusses recent moves by the e-commerce payment processing giant PayPal to embrace the opportunities on offer in retail stores through mobile payments

NFC: To wait or to create?

Published 18.06.12 by Retail Technology
Today, with over three billion mobile phone owners worldwide – more than double the number of credit card owners – mobile payments seems to be the next logical step. Revenue and business assurance management expert, Maria José Gonçalves explores the big questions surrounding near field communications (NFC) technologies

What’s in store for retailers’ wireless coverage?

Published 14.05.12 by Retail Technology
Communications infrastructure expert Morgan Kurk discusses why retailers need to address the wireless problems of tomorrow, today

Making the instore experience smarter, slicker and more engaging

Published 03.05.12 by Retail Technology
Retailers know that transforming the physical store is key to capturing consumer hearts and wallets. But when it comes to creating an engaging instore experience, customer flow management (CFM) can deliver capabilities that go far beyond tackling the priority of minimising queuing wait times. David Anahory explores how retailers are using CFM to create true brand differentiation, boost operational efficiencies and generate additional sales opportunities

One bad apple

Published 26.04.12 by Retail Technology
Electronic trading expert Steve Rees argues that retail supply chains need more insight and intelligence

Retail pricing under spotlight

Published 16.04.12 by Retail Technology
Pricing intelligence expert Vol Pigrukh highlights the need for retailers to monitor pricing across all channels more effectively in 2012