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Market Analysis

Cloud supports supply chain visibility

Cloud supports supply chain visibility

Tuesday March 26 2013

Supply chain automation ID expert Marcel Kars asks if cloud computing can resolve complex traceability challenges facing food manufacturers and retailers

Retailers ‘tool up’ with apps, cloud and security

Friday March 22 2013

Enterprise technology company chief Stephen Keenan has advice for retailers feeling overwhelmed by the constantly evolving technology environment and increasing demand for more immersive shopping experiences

Maintain ethical processes in your supply chain

Maintain ethical processes in your supply chain

Friday March 15 2013

Appearance is everything, not only in the fashion world. But when it comes to sourcing and procurement, ethics count too according to supply chain management expert, Sarah Heath

Work Your Proper Hours Day

Work Your Proper Hours Day

Friday March 1 2013

Workforce management expert Simon Macpherson calls time on the UK’s long-hours culture and looks at ways that retailers can improve employee health and retention

The mobile revolution in retail

Tuesday February 26 2013

Web design expert Mark Curtis discusses the influence of mobile services on the shopping experience and what retailers need to do to take advantage of this trend

Using analytics to change retail outcomes

Friday February 22 2013

K.R. Sanjiv and P. Srinivasa Rao of Wipro Technologies argue that analytics are the key to developing competitive differentiators in an increasingly diverse and complex retail market

Google Shopping goes from free to fee

Thursday February 14 2013

As Google today implements paid Shopping Product Search results, e-commerce expert Seamus Whittingham discusses how retailers trading online can now make the most of Google Shopping

Is showrooming here to stay?

Tuesday February 5 2013

Todd Starcevich discusses the future of store shopping ‘showrooming’ trend and how retailers can use foot traffic data and analysis to harness it for competitive advantage in 2013

Time to give video comms a second shot

Monday February 4 2013

Dan Tanel discusses the reasons why legacy video communications systems fell into disuse and why retail businesses should now reconsider these solutions to help create operational efficiencies, drive customer loyalty and boost companies’ bottom line

Can eBay and Amazon help retail start-ups grow?

Tuesday January 29 2013

While starting a business online has definitely become easier than ever, it does take a lot of work and time, not to mention capital, as finance expert Camilla Gilbro points out

Balancing bricks with clicks

Thursday January 24 2013

In light of the demise of retailers Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster, e-commerce data expert Guy Mucklow discusses a sad, but also what he sees as an inevitable, week for British retail

Cutting-edge call handling

Tuesday January 15 2013

Networking expert Andrew Bale argues that the latest call handling technology can be a saving grace for retailers in an increasingly online world