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Retail Technology

Market Analysis

Five steps for holiday preparedness

Published 16.12.11 by Retail Technology
Bruno Hourdel, content delivery expert, discusses how web application performance management can make every transaction count this holiday season

Placing the customer at the heart of revenue management

Published 12.12.11 by Retail Technology
Hoteliers handle thousands of guests on a weekly basis. But Jérôme Destors, revenue management considers the experience from one hypothetical guest’s point of view, one situation, and one emerging future trend

Eight steps for successful PCI compliance

Published 06.12.11 by Retail Technology
The exponential growth of data within retail comes not only with greater challenges but also increased responsibility, argues Rodolphe Simonetti, IT communications and security expert

Legacy tech hinders retail growth

Published 01.12.11 by Retail Technology
Old technology and legacy systems are holding back customer-facing business wanting to expand online, according to specialist retail IT consultant, Mark Collin

Protect your site from cyber meltdown

Published 28.11.11 by Retail Technology
This Monday marked the start of the busiest shopping period of the year as consumers rush to get ready for Christmas. Application performance specialist, David Flower discusses how retailers can get IT ready to protect their e-commerce websites from melting down during the busy shopping period

How to win with shoppers in a price-transparent world

Published 15.11.11 by Retail Technology
Retail data analysis expert Christian Koestler argues out that the power of price comparison technology is something retailers cannot afford to ignore in todayÂ’s internet-connected world

Hi-tech retail: the future is now

Published 08.11.11 by Retail Technology
You will maybe agree with Ana Udrea, who contends that 2011 has been the year of retail technology instore. She discusses some of the best examples and trends that point to which technologies will be in demand through to next year

Adding festive cheer for retailers this Christmas

Published 03.11.11 by Retail Technology
Marketing communications specialist Richard Evans asks whether the current trend towards deep discounting and early festive promotion are the best ways to keep the till ringing during this crucial retail trading season

The shop assistant of the future is a supply chain expert

Published 27.10.11 by Retail Technology
Often when we talk about shop assistants, many of us envisage “here to help” badges or people sat behind a till. Alex MacPherson, supply chain solutions consultant, discusses how that’s set to change in a big way

Improving customer experiences with Facebook

Published 24.10.11 by Retail Technology
Facebook has arguably become the dominant and most widely used platform for people to share with each other their interests and preferences. Andrew Webb, e-business strategist, discusses the best ways for retailers to use Facebook to enhance the experiences they provide for their customers

Going mobile with retail EPoS

Published 20.10.11 by Retail Technology
Richard Goodall, retail IT expert, looks at the challenges of mobile retailing and how it can go hand in hand with electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) systems

How to set up an effective fulfilment system

Published 17.10.11 by Retail Technology
Many e-tailers take great care in setting up their website, ensuring it is eye-catching and accessible for potential customers. But Paul Galpin, distribution expert, points out that many often forget to afford the same attention to their fulfilment system

Will e-commerce vendor consolidation hinder British retailers?

Published 13.10.11 by Retail Technology
Dr Ludger Vogt, e-commerce technology expert, argues that organisational size and rapid growth by acquisition can sometimes be hindering qualities in an e-commerce partner

Retail industry should take stock of talent issues

Published 10.10.11 by Retail Technology
Talent management expert, Matthew Parker, discusses the key talent issues facing the retail sector and how technology can help overcome these challenges

Mobile is not just another search channel

Published 05.10.11 by Retail Technology
Retail digital media expert Farhad Koodoruth examines the challenges and issues associated with mobile search, and discusses how retailers need to approach this form of marketing and keep it separate from traditional search

New generation ‘likes’ social shopping

Published 26.09.11 by Retail Technology
Recently published research offers fresh insight into exactly who and where the much sought after consumers are and who are most engaged with the new way of social shopping

What is Google+ and how can it benefit multilingual businesses?

Published 09.09.11 by Retail Technology
With social networking sites offering retailers another means to monitor brand sentiment and interact with customer, global language and translation services agency TranslateMedia throws a spotlight on the latest offering from the online software giant

Customer service? The computer says “no”

Published 05.09.11 by Retail Technology
James Passingham argues that, while times may be tough on the High Street, poor customers service communications are hindering multichannel retail growth

Protecting a brand in a world of multiples

Published 31.08.11 by Retail Technology
Andy Houghton, e-commerce director at Unilever, talks about the challenges facing brands and retailers in a multichannel world

The future of retail payments

Published 26.08.11 by Retail Technology
The way we shop is changing. Barclaycard head of innovation, Stewart Roberts discusses how innovation in technology coupled with growing customer demand for faster, safer and more convenient transactions are driving rapid change in the way retail payments are both made and taken