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Check out: retail in the fast lane

Friday March 14 2014

Retail payments are transforming rapidly with the development of contactless, NFC, mobile wallet and cash management system technologies growing in popularity, prompted by faster transaction speeds and increased customer loyalty options. But real challenges to widespread adoption remain, writes Leo King

Mobilising retail and sales

Thursday October 24 2013

Diverse retailers, Shop Direct Group, Fenwick, Tesco, Adidas and Casino, are adopting mobile technologies for competitive and operational benefits, writes Glynn Davis of exclusively for Retail Technology

Mobile and cloud demand new lines of defence

Monday March 11 2013

This year’s annual Retail Technology loss prevention and security feature explores how the latest technologies revolutionising retail are creating new challenges as well as opportunities

Workforce management moves with the times

Workforce management moves with the times

Monday February 18 2013

Human resource (HR) payroll operations serve as a timely reminder for most retailers – being one of their biggest monthly bills – that their staff are their most important asset

Hospitality at tech threshold

Thursday December 20 2012

Retail Technology canvassed vendor opinion on the most important considerations in hospitality and foodservice retail IT next year

The real cost of money in retail

Monday October 29 2012

The taking, counting, securing, processing and transmitting of money as cash and electronic payments is as vital as ever to any consumer-facing business

Connecting customers and retail operations

Friday August 31 2012

The summer 2012 issue of Retail Technology featured its customary annual overview of the retail communications marketplace in retail

Retailers embrace mobile technology

Friday June 22 2012

While more and more retailers are adopting mobile technologies and systems as part of both their internal and customer-facing operations, it seems as though consumer demand for shopping experiences enabled by mobile applications is outstripping the retail supply

Minding fraud and security risks

Monday March 12 2012

A proliferation of technology-enabled options has become available to retailers wanting to make it easy as possible for their customers to buy from or communicate with them since Retail Technology magazine first started looking at the areas of loss prevention and security in an annual report

Identifying new retail IT value

Friday February 24 2012

Horizons, Retail Technology’s annual look at the vendors that are likely to be at the forefront of industry specific IT trends, puts store systems integration and support, as well as mobile printing and networked video security.  

Retailers urged to optimise back office IT

Saturday December 17 2011

The back office is an area ripe for optimisation in today's tough retailing environment according to the retail IT suppliers that Retail Technology canvassed

The retail cost of money

Friday October 7 2011

Accepting money, cards and now even mobile payments now involves every part of the business, from marketing a new loyalty of gift card scheme, and human resources to train staff in new processes, to finance and IT to provide the integration to existing store and online sales and payment systems