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Waitrose rolls out parking app

Published 26.04.22 by Retail Technology
Supermarket chain Waitrose has introduced a new parking app at 14 of its UK car parks

Dior launches influencer chatbot

Published 09.05.22 by Retail Technology
Global beauty brand Dior is to create an industry-first luxury influencer chatbot

Matalan learns to develop

Published 11.05.22 by Retail Technology
British fashion and homeware retailer Matalan had upgraded its learning platform, creating one central place for internal communications, training resources and knowledge sharing

Happy Hammers get personal

Published 23.06.22 by Retail Technology
Premier League club West Ham are creating a new hyper-personalised online fan experience

BSH enhances D2C business

Published 02.08.22 by Retail Technology
Home appliance maker BSH has added a new Content Experience Platform (CXP) to enhance its direct to consumer (D2C) business

Gibson in tune with new app

Published 05.08.22 by Retail Technology
Iconic guitar maker Gibson has launched a new app that simplifies the learning process

Ikea unpacks first digital display

Published 12.08.22 by Retail Technology
Swedish retail giant Ikea is enhancing its customer shopping experience at its flagship London branch with its first digital displays