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McDonaldÂ’s picks new payments software

Published 16.05.18 by Retail Technology
Burger giant McDonaldÂ’s has selected new payments software to handle increasing demand for cashless transactions

Tudecora brings cashierless stores to Spain

Published 03.09.18 by Retail Technology
Furniture retailer is the first furniture store without shop assistants and commercial hours in Spain
#Amazon Go

NYC next destination for Amazon Go

Published 11.09.18 by Retail Technology
AmazonÂ’s cashierless store concept Amazon Go is heading to New York City

FamilyMart upgrades cash management

Published 12.12.18 by Retail Technology
Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart has cut the time spent on cash management by 40% with new cash counters

Tesco testing cashierless stores

Published 27.06.19 by Retail Technology
Tesco is set to take on Amazon with its own Amazon Go-style cashierless stores, according to Bloomberg news

COVID and the cashierless store

Published 29.07.20 by Retail Technology
Are cashierless stores the future after COVID? Daniel Ackers from Cloud Technology Solutions thinks it’s a real possibility

Co-op makes cash safer

Published 17.09.21 by Retail Technology
The Co-op Food Group is using a new cash handling solution to prioritise colleague safety

Tesco opens checkout-free store

Published 19.10.21 by Retail Technology
Supermarket giant Tesco has opened its first fully automated checkout-free grocery store in London

Third of consumers find cashierless stores ‘creepy’

Published 18.11.21 by Retail Technology
According to new research, almost a third of UK consumers find cashierless shopping ‘creepy’

What’s next for payment technology?

Published 07.02.22 by Retail Technology
The last two years have shown it’s impossible to predict exactly how, when and where the payments landscape will move. But here’s Peter Moore from It’s Lolly with his take