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#Robert Goddard

Robert Goddard raises the bar with new software

Published 21.06.17 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailer Robert Goddard has expanded business operations and optimised warehouse efficiencies with new software

New EPoS system for Singapore’s BHG

Published 31.07.17 by Retail Technology
Singapore department store BHG has rolled out the first phase of its new EPoS system
#Jones Bootmaker

Jones Bootmaker upgrades EPOS and stock control

Published 13.06.18 by Retail Technology
Classic shoe retailer Jones Bootmaker has updated its EPOS and stock control systems

Fulfilment boost for Trotters

Published 28.10.18 by Retail Technology
Children’s clothing retailer Trotters has improved its fulfilment process by replacing legacy systems
#The Baird Group

The Baird Group upgrades EPOS

Published 19.02.19 by Retail Technology
Menswear group The Baird Group – whose labels include Ben Sherman – has implements new EPOS hardware and software
#JD Sports

JD Sports chooses systems partner for Asia

Published 23.05.19 by Retail Technology
Global sports retailer JD Sports has selected its new systems partner for stores in South East Asia
#Fowlers of Bristol

Fowlers of Bristol revs up with new tech

Published 20.08.19 by Retail Technology
Motorcycle and accessories retailer Fowlers of Bristol has selected a new tech partner to enhance its retail management systems

Rokit adds new stock management software

Published 05.09.19 by Retail Technology
Vintage clothing retailer Rokit has selected new software to ensure seamless stock management between its central warehouse, London stores and website

Simmonds top of class with pop-up shops

Published 22.10.19 by Retail Technology
Schoolwear retailer Simmonds is using pop-up shops to ensure efficiency during key periods
#Zee & Co

Zee & Co streamlines fulfilment

Published 11.12.19 by Retail Technology
Independent fashion retailer Zee & Co have implemented new fulfilment software for its expanded warehouse operations

Trotters re-opens with mobile POS

Published 13.07.20 by Retail Technology
Children’s clothing retailer Trotters is re-opening after the COVID-19 peak with mobile point-of-sale (POS) aiding social distancing