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Retail Technology

Articles tagged #FUTURMASTER

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CASE STUDY: Supply chain software works a treat

Published 20.03.17 by Retail Technology
UK biscuit brand Fox’s improved its forecasting, manufacturing and promotions planning practices after implementing new supply chain software

CASE STUDY: Brandt expands with enhanced supply chain

Published 18.10.18 by Retail Technology
Home appliances maker Brandt Group has optimised the supply of washing machines, cutting costs and excess stock by up to a third after implementing supply chain software

CASE STUDY: Sweet success for Haribo

Published 02.09.19 by Retail Technology
Popular sweet-maker Haribo has reduced wastage and obsolete stock by 5% in less than two years after implementing new supply chain technology
#Fleury Michon

CASE STUDY: Fleury Michon forecasts success

Published 18.10.19 by Retail Technology
French supermarket food supplier Fleury Michon has achieved 99.5% service levels on deliveries with forecasting technology