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Articles tagged #GLASSES

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Visa's cool new payment option – shades

Published 15.03.17 by Retail Technology
Visa has unveiled new payment-enabled sunglasses in a new concept that no one saw coming

MyOptique sees bright future with new platform

Published 09.05.18 by Retail Technology
MyOptique Group – whose brands include Glasses Direct and Sunglasses Shop – has seen significant success with a new real-time personalisation platform
#Warby Parker

AR a good fit for Warby Parker

Published 06.02.19 by Retail Technology
Glasses retailer Warby Parker has added an update to its iPhone app that utilises augmented reality (AR) technology

Specsavers envisions modernisation

Published 21.06.21 by Retail Technology
Optician and glasses retailer Specsavers has selected its partner in modernising technology capabilities

Walmart sees more AR options

Published 05.02.24 by Retail Technology
Walmart is adding to its augmented reality (AR) offering with its new Optical Virtual Try-On