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A close shave with social media currency

Published 05.09.14 by Retail Technology
A 'social media barber shop,’ where customers can pay for grooming with social media posts, will go live 18 September in London

Instagram enables in-app checkout

Published 21.03.19 by Retail Technology
The journey to social media giant Instagram becoming a fully-fledged ecommerce business has moved closer with in-app checkout

The Instagram influence

Published 31.05.19 by Retail Technology
Instagram has just announced plans to make it easier for users to purchase directly through the platform. So what does this and the rise of social commerce mean for the ecommerce sector? Zilch for Business CEO Philip Belamant explains all

Facebook launches shopping service

Published 20.05.20 by Retail Technology
Facebook has gone live with a new shopping service called Shops that allows businesses to display and sell its products

Facebook announces new ecommerce features

Published 02.09.20 by Retail Technology
Facebook has introduced Facebook Shop, a new place for users to discover businesses and shop for products in the Facebook app

Dior launches influencer chatbot

Published 09.05.22 by Retail Technology
Global beauty brand Dior is to create an industry-first luxury influencer chatbot

Instagram adds chat purchase option

Published 20.07.22 by Retail Technology
Social media behemoth Instagram is adding a purchase option to its chat area