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Articles tagged #MOBILE PAYMENTS

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#Coop Denmark

COOP Denmark launches mobile payments

Published 06.09.16 by Retail Technology
Danish grocery chain COOP is rolling out mobile electronic payments across its entire chain

PayPal increases reach in China

Published 21.09.16 by Retail Technology
European merchants can now accept Chinese cards on PayPal in a deal which helps western sellers reach Chinese shoppers
#Mobile payments

Desktop sales still in fashion in UK

Published 21.09.16 by Retail Technology
UK online consumers are still more likely to buy fashion items on a desktop than a mobile

Esso rolls out payments app

Published 20.10.17 by Retail Technology
Esso is rolling out its mobile payments app across UK service stations

Starbucks trials cashless stores

Published 24.01.18 by Retail Technology
Coffee giant Starbucks has begun to trial cashless stores in the US

Alipay comes to Chinatown

Published 27.09.18 by Retail Technology
Restaurants in LondonÂ’s Chinatown will be the first to offer the Alipay mobile payment service to customers outside of China

McDonalds is loving new mobile payments

Published 19.12.19 by Retail Technology
McDonalds has signed up for a new global mobile payments service