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Retail Technology

Articles tagged #MOOD MEDIA

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Gucci signs up for instore music

Published 21.06.11 by Retail Technology
Mood Media to provide the sound for luxury fashion designer's retail stores throughout Europe and Asia  
#Tinseltown Diners

Tinseltown Diners sets the mood

Published 02.09.14 by Retail Technology
The diner chain is using in-store sound and vision technology to further express the brand’s personality at venues across the UK
#Thomas Pink

Thomas Pink unveils new online design

Published 13.09.11 by Retail Technology
Shirtmaker’s largest global store improves customer experience and adds new media content

Asda fine tunes customer experience

Published 01.03.19 by Retail Technology
Supermarket Asda has selected a new in-store radio provider

Getting Phygital for Christmas

Published 19.11.21 by Retail Technology
‘Phygital’ strategies will win Christmas on the high street by Valentina Candeloro, International Marketing Director, Mood Media