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Retail Technology

Articles tagged #REAL TIME

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Booths Supermarkets installs fleet tracking

Published 03.07.13 by Retail Technology
Fleet management improvements enable real-time capture and monitoring to enhance the retailer's delivery efficiency

Tesco updates EPoS cash drawers

Published 08.08.13 by Retail Technology
Multi-million pound contract will see roll out of new till hardware to monitor transactions in real time

Schuh aims to increase website sales

Published 15.11.10 by Retail Technology
Shoe retailer takes on new software to re-engage with lost e-commerce customers in real time
#High Street

Time-of-day marketing could boost High Street

Published 07.11.13 by Retail Technology
New strategy could help revitalise the UK High StreetÂ’s flagging fortunes by reintroducing personal customer service for shoppers in High Street stores

Survey finds real-time cost of sickness

Published 27.03.13 by Retail Technology
UK retailersÂ’ service delivery and customer experience suffer with affects of mobile workforce sickness and absence due to lack of visibility