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Articles tagged #SELF-CHECKOUT

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Kaufland transforms with self-checkout

Published 18.05.18 by Retail Technology
As part of its ongoing store transformation, German hypermarket chain Kaufland is incorporating new self-checkout technology

Decathlon deploys self-checkout

Published 29.05.19 by Retail Technology
Sporting goods retailer Decathlon is implementing a mobile self-checkout solution across all its stores in the Netherlands

PicWicToys launches self-checkout

Published 29.11.19 by Retail Technology
French toy retailer PicWicToys has launched a mobile self-checkout solution

Decathlon rolls out mobile self-checkout

Published 13.05.20 by Retail Technology
Sporting goods retailer Decathlon is rolling out new mobile self-checkout technology across its 81 German stores

Muji implements self-checkout

Published 21.10.20 by Retail Technology
Japanese household and consumer goods retailer Muji is rolling out a mobile self-checkout solution across all their UK stores

Flying Tiger Copenhagen turns to self-checkout

Published 23.03.21 by Retail Technology
Variety retailer Flying Tiger Copenhagen has launched a new mobile self-checkout service after a tough year for retail

How can retailers adapt to make their physical stores shine?

Published 12.01.22 by Ralf Gladis, CEO, Computop
The difficulties faced by physical retail outlets have not just been driven by the COVID pandemic. Excessive rent, unexciting retail concepts and changing consumer behaviour are all playing their part in shifting turnover away from the high street, and one of the biggest factors is the growth in eCommerce. In November, M&S reported that online sales now account for 34.4% of its clothing and home goods.