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#Mega Monday

Mega Monday goes mobile and social

Published 04.12.12 by Retail Technology
The busiest online shopping day of the year underlines consumer trends towards emerging channels

Visa's cool new payment option – shades

Published 15.03.17 by Retail Technology
Visa has unveiled new payment-enabled sunglasses in a new concept that no one saw coming

Americans favour connected devices for purchases

Published 08.06.17 by Retail Technology
More than 80% of Americans have a strong interest in using connected devices to make purchases

Consumers call for more AI in retail

Published 04.09.17 by Retail Technology
A new survey by Visa has revealed that 70% of consumers believe that artificial intelligence (AI) can transform their shopping experience

Biometric payment cards trialled in US

Published 18.01.18 by Retail Technology
A new technology collaboration with Visa will see a biometric payment card market trial take place in the US