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Articles tagged #WHISHWORKS

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#Fat Face

Fat Face provides platform for omnichannel excellence

Published 07.02.18 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailer Fat Face is doubling down on its omnichannel offering to consumers with a new application network
#Fat Face

‘Tis the season to integrate

Published 29.11.18 by Retail Technology
Is there a secret ingredient to retail success at in the crucial pre-Christmas period? Sreekanth Cherukuri from Whishworks believes ecommerce integration is the key as Fat Face showed last year

CASE STUDY: New ecommerce platform a good fit for Bata

Published 25.04.19 by Retail Technology
Footwear brand and retailer Bata put itself on the road to digital transformation by replacing its legacy ecommerce platform
#Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee targets digital consumers

Published 22.08.19 by Retail Technology
Coffee chain Costa Coffee is shifting focus to digital consumers with a new platform