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CVS Pharmacy testing robot delivery

Date: 02.06.20 | Section: News
US pharmacy chain CVS Pharmacy is testing a prescription and essentials delivery service using autonomous vehicles

Going the Last Mile

Date: 06.05.20 | Section: Ask The Expert
The customer last mile journey on order delivery has become all important, but how do you ensure you provide the best possible experience? Darko Atijas of True Altitude provides his expert opinion

COVID-19: Morrisons scales up fleet

Date: 27.04.20 | Section: News
Supermarket chain Morrisons has rapidly scaled up its fleet to meet unprecedented demand for home deliveries due to COVID-19

Delivery robots hit Milton Keynes centre

Date: 16.03.20 | Section: News
Delivery robots are being rolled out in Milton Keynes town centre - the first time that robot delivery has been made available in the centre of a UK town

The future of ecommerce under the spotlight

Date: 21.02.20 | Section: Events News
Matthew Robertson, Co-CEO, NetDespatch, looks back at The Delivery Conference (TDC Global), which took place earlier this month, to identify the key takeaways

UK drone delivery leaders appeal to property owners

Date: 07.02.20 | Section: News
The UK Drone Delivery Group has asked property owners and influencers to provide testing areas for drones to prevent growth stalling

Wickes signs new home delivery contract

Date: 17.01.20 | Section: News
Home improvement retailer Wickes has signed a new home delivery contract for its kitchen and bathroom products

Prepping for peak success

Date: 13.12.19 | Section: Ask The Expert
This has been a troubling peak season for retailers but there are lessons to be learnt. Rob DeStefano from Ivanti Supply Chain looks at some best practice for a successful peak season

Krispy Kreme treats itself to new delivery platform

Date: 30.07.19 | Section: News
Doughnut maker and retailer Krispy Kreme has implemented a new last mile delivery platform

Carrefour announces new delivery scheme

Date: 19.07.19 | Section: News