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Shoptalk Europe 2024: Currys bets big on generative AI

Date: 03.06.24 | Section: Events News
The UK-based consumer electronics retailer reveals how it is using the latest tech to grow and build out its business model

The Retail Media Revolution: How brands are unlocking new revenue streams

Date: 03.04.24 | Section: Market Analysis
The retail industry has had a rough ride in the past few years. But startup growth specialist, Daniel Groves, argues that the advent of retail media networks will help them weather the storm

Delivering peak communications for peak sales

Date: 14.11.23 | Section: Ask The Expert
Personalised post-purchase communication can transform a one-time buyer into a loyal customer, explains Rory O’Connor, Founder and CEO of Scurri

Art event leads the way with promotions

Date: 30.10.23 | Section: Ask The Expert
The Charity Art Expo shares how retailers can learn about using smart links and social media power to transform the power of their promotions

Researchers pioneer loyalty benchmarking study

Date: 29.10.23 | Section: News
Anonymised survey launches to establish operational and performance benchmarks for loyalty programmes globally

Jigsaw fashions loyalty upgrade

Date: 09.10.23 | Section: News
British fashion brand Jigsaw has added a new solution for customer loyalty and marketing automation

Customer and loyalty experts explore 2022 trends

Date: 04.05.22 | Section: Ask The Expert
Customer loyalty is one of the most rapidly changing areas in customer management, with digital developments having a direct impact on companies and consumers alike

DFR upgrades payments and loyalty

Date: 14.12.21 | Section: News
Digital First Retail (DFR) – home of the Maplin, Office Outlet and Praktika retailers – is to implement a new payment and custome engagement platform

Pret trials new loyalty scheme

Date: 09.12.21 | Section: News
Sandwich and coffee chain Pret A Manger has launched its latest loyalty scheme with a new platform

Asda extends loyalty programme trials

Date: 17.11.21 | Section: News
Supermarket giant Asda has expanded trials for its new loyalty programme