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EuroCIS 2019: Retailers set sights on store optimisation

Date: 22.02.19 | Section: Events News

EuroShop exhibits omnichannel IT

Date: 19.02.14 | Section: News
IT companies at European trade fair are embracing the concept of omnichannel retailing, aligning their latest innovations with single views of customers and product, writes Miya Knights

EuroShop: IT promotes global focus

Date: 19.02.14 | Section: News
Despite the variety of technology vendors exhibiting their new wares, many were keen to demonstrate the need for global reach to support retail growth, Miya Knights reports

Are you ready for EuroShop?

Date: 31.10.13 | Section: Events News

EuroCIS 2013: Pointing to the future of checkout

Date: 20.02.13 | Section: News
Retail IT suppliers were on hand at the annual European trade show to showcase new products that capitalise on cutting-edge design and technologies

EuroCIS 2013

Date: 19.02.13 | Section: Events News

EuroCIS 2013: Store tech takes centre stage

Date: 19.02.13 | Section: News
Retail IT vendors focus on building out multichannel functionality with new operations hardware for the store

EuroCIS 2012

Date: 29.09.11 | Section: Events News
Retail means creating networks: from the consumer and point of sale to the supplier.
Technology interlinks all levels: the consumer with the retail range, retail employees among one another, individual shops with head offices, and the retail sector with its partners.
Networks now enable access to up-to-date information at any time. The tablet computer is making stock management easier for the branch manager. The smartphone enables the consumer to compare prices. And the head office can view branch sales in real time.

Store displays under EuroShop spotlight

Date: 20.01.11 | Section: News

EuroShop 2011: international trade fair preview

Date: 26.11.10 | Section: Events News