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Prada and partner up in China

Date: 18.06.19 | Section: News boosts AI startups

Date: 26.03.19 | Section: News
Chinese retail giant has held its first demo day for AI innovators

Rakuten and JD team up for delivery

Date: 25.02.19 | Section: News launches breakthrough drone flight

Date: 22.01.19 | Section: News
Chinese retail giant has launched the first Government approved drone flight in Indonesia launches blockchain platform

Date: 28.08.18 | Section: News

The innovation game

Date: 23.04.18 | Section: Events News
The 18th World Retail Congress took place last week in Madrid and Retail Reflections founder Andrew Busby was there to find out all the tech news and trends happening in international retailing looks to foster supply chain innovation

Date: 13.03.18 | Section: News
Chinese ecommerce giant is launching an initiative to promote the development of next-generation smart supply chain technologies