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McDonald’s picks new payments software

Date: 16.05.18 | Section: News

Starbucks trials cashless stores

Date: 24.01.18 | Section: News
Coffee giant Starbucks has begun to trial cashless stores in the US

Sound City festival goes cashless

Date: 23.04.14 | Section: News
Mobile payments innovation adopted by upcoming Liverpool festival and largest event of its kind in the UK for the first time

London café adopts cashless EPoS integration

Date: 17.04.14 | Section: News
Butter Beans adopts PayPal on its new till system to speed coffee shop transactions as well increase customer engagement and loyalty

Isle of Wight Festival expands cashless trials

Date: 02.07.12 | Section: News
Entry ticket, contactless payments and auto top-up facilities provided on one wristband

Cashless society – a dream or reality?

Date: 16.10.10 | Section: News
Derek Hough, retail director at Wincor Nixdorf UK examines whether the concept of a cashless society is still a long way into the future and how retailers should prepare