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Retail’s big reckoning

Date: 20.06.22 | Section: News
We’re certainly not post-Covid, but things are feeling more normal. As a result, Ian Cairns of TalkTalk asks if have we reached the point of no return on tech?

Best Buy selects cloud partner

Date: 16.02.22 | Section: News
Electricals retailer Best Buy has chosen a new preferred cloud provider for cloud infrastructure services

Whitworths adds cloud analytics to recipe

Date: 15.10.21 | Section: News
Healthy food maker Whitworths is transforming its business operations with cloud analytics

The Future View on Point of Sale

Date: 02.09.21 | Section: Ask The Expert
As retailers look to encourage shoppers back into stores, Manhattan Associates Solutions Executive, Joe Kamara discusses future-fit technology options to deliver on heightened consumer expectations

Cloud Nine expands payments

Date: 26.08.21 | Section: News
Hair styling tools retailer Cloud Nine has added to its payment options to make its products more accessible

Urban Outfitters turns to cloud analytics

Date: 15.06.21 | Section: News
Clothing chain Urban Outfitters is rolling out new cloud analytics technology

Zadig&Voltaire moves to the cloud

Date: 05.10.20 | Section: News
French fashion retailer Zadig&Voltaire has deployed a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution

La Martina adds customer engagement platform

Date: 24.06.20 | Section: News
Luxury clothing brand and retailer La Martina has selected a new cloud platform to improve communication with its customers across its digital channels

CASE STUDY: Regatta migrates to cloud conditions

Date: 19.05.20 | Section: News
Outdoor clothing retailer Regatta has migrated to the cloud after completing a rollout of new retail POS

N Brown migrates to the cloud

Date: 13.02.20 | Section: News
Digital retailer N Brown is moving to the cloud to focus on delivering profitable digital growth