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McDonalds is loving new mobile payments

Date: 19.12.19 | Section: News
McDonalds has signed up for a new global mobile payments service

Alipay comes to Chinatown

Date: 27.09.18 | Section: News

Starbucks trials cashless stores

Date: 24.01.18 | Section: News
Coffee giant Starbucks has begun to trial cashless stores in the US

Esso rolls out payments app

Date: 20.10.17 | Section: News
Esso is rolling out its mobile payments app across UK service stations

PayPal increases reach in China

Date: 21.09.16 | Section: News
European merchants can now accept Chinese cards on PayPal in a deal which helps western sellers reach Chinese shoppers

COOP Denmark launches mobile payments

Date: 06.09.16 | Section: News
Danish grocery chain COOP is rolling out mobile electronic payments across its entire chain

Apple Pay affirms NFC in mobile payments drive

Date: 10.09.14 | Section: News
This week, Apple made its entrance into the mobile payment market while also unveiling a new watch and two larger iPhones

Major mobile payments growth predicted

Date: 06.07.11 | Section: News
Market to almost triple in value by 2015 reaching $670bn, according to new Juniper report

RegaloCard secures $7m for US mobile payments service

Date: 05.01.10 | Section: News
Innovative business model and free and instant alternative to expensive money transfer services continues to gain traction across the pond