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The Jewel Hut invests in behavioural email

The Jewel Hut invests in behavioural email
Saturday September 22 2012

New strategic marketing investment is designed to improve online revenue

The Jewel Hut, which sells luxury online jewellery from brands including Pandora, DKNY and Swarovski, is developing a new email marketing strategy to produce relevant and valuable customer communication.

The online jeweller is working with RedEye - a specialist in email and website optimisation -- to develop targeted behavioural email programmes.

The strategic behavioural email programmes will focus on increasing online sales through sending online users highly relevant information based on their own online actions.

RedEye is helping The Jewel Hut produce an engaging welcome programme to build rapport with new customers, and also to produce targeted browser abandonment and basket abandonment programmes to maximise email relevance.

Promoting brand values and online experience

Using RedEye’s expertise in digital data to produce engaging email communication, The Jewel Hut is confident that the new programmes will help build its already successful online business.

Richard Finch, head of e-commerce at The Jewel Hut, said: “We make it a priority to bring quality jewellery to the internet and it’s important to us that any communication we send to users does the same. We wanted an email strategy that would promote our brand values and help us enhance the online shopping experience.

“RedEye clearly understands how to provide valuable and engaging information through email. With over 15 years of experience in producing behavioural email programmes not only does the company possess the technical knowhow to get these type of campaigns up and running, but has the experience and expertise in reporting, design and data analysis to really help us optimise our campaigns.”