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Royal Mail identifies digital opportunities

Tuesday November 2 2010

eDigitalResearch provides new tools for fulfilment specialist’s customers 

eDigitalResearch provides new tools for fulfilment specialist’s customers 


A popular tool provided by the Royal Mail, which helps online businesses to improve their order fulfilment and delivery services, recently celebrated its first birthday thanks to online research provider, eDigitalResearch.


Delivery is consistently a key element identified in the regular eRetail Benchmark studies conducted by eDigitalResearch. Recognising this, Royal Mail, the UK delivery business, set up – originally as an internal tool for Royal Mail’s sales team to gather information in order to approach businesses about its delivery services. In October 2009, the site was opened up as a self-service tool for any business to review its own processes.


Completion of a structured survey takes about 20 minutes and is rewarded by a free, automatically generated report provided instantly on submission. The report provides invaluable insight into whether this vital stage of the online transaction is likely to meet customers’ expectations.


The respondent data captured by the survey together with various combinations of responses, identifies potential customers with the objective of generating sales.


Engagement proven to add value


When planning the tool, Royal Mail conducted a tender process to find the best supplier to provide the survey and reporting engine according to its needs. eDigitalResearch was chosen as its solution was faster and more cost-effective than competitive bids as well as being closely aligned to Royal Mail’s requirements. The company also had a proven track record supplying Royal Mail with other research solutions.


Royal Mail’s new product development manager, Andrew Hurdle, was responsible for developing the site in its current form. “We’ve had very positive feedback so far,” he reported. “We conducted a six-month review in July as we do with all of this type of activity, including an email survey of the user base to test brand uplift. Of everyone who responded, 84% would make changes to their fulfilment process based on our report, 70% found it had a significant effect in adding value, and 100% of companies who had made changes recommended by the report said they’d had a positive effect.”


Hurdle continued: “eDigitalResearch not only offered a solution which was faster and cheaper, we’ve also found their service to be more personal.”