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Woodrup Cycles pick Cybertill

Thursday December 2 2010

Family run business opts for new till system to support trusted, bespoke brand with loyal customers

Family run business opts for new till system to support trusted, bespoke brand with loyal customers


Woodrup Cycles, a retail business based in Leeds, has invested in a new electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) system from Cybertill to help them manage their cycle retail store.


Woodrup Cycles was established over 50 years ago by husband and wife team Stephen and Jean Woodrup. Both were keen cyclists, and Jean was even a national cycling champion at 10 miles, from this they started building bikes for fellow racers and some 50 years later the business is now run by their son and grandson respectively Stephen and Anthony. Woodrup Cycles is a mecca for cyclists of all abilities who value trusted expert advice on everything from bikes and accessories to rides and routes.


Woodrup Cycles still specialise in building bikes for customers and they have their own exclusive branded frames. The business was finding managing component stock levels increasingly complex as well as the usual stock of bikes, clothes and accessories. “We wanted to manage stock levels more effectively. We need to know exactly what is coming in and going out, so we can have greater control of our stock and therefore the business,” commented Anthony Woodrup.


Planning for the future


Woodrup Cycles already has a professional website, but it does not yet trade through it. With one eye on the future, the company wanted to implement an EPoS system that would allow them to integrate to a fully trading ecommerce site when they are ready. “As a business we want to take advantage of online sales. Therefore when we develop a website it was vital we chose an EPoS partner that was flexible. The beauty of Cybertill is they can develop a site for us or we can link their EPoS system to an ecommerce site developed by another third party. This gave us confidence that our investment is future proof and can grow with the company,” explained Anthony


“Cybertill has many cycle retailers as clients. As a business we have noticed several trends since the credit crunch for bike shops. Many people are delaying purchasing new bikes and instead servicing their bikes and upgrading component parts. I am sure that Woodrup Cycles have benefited from this trend, such is their expertise and reputation in both building and servicing bikes,” commented Ian Tomlinson, Executive Chairman at Cybertill stated.


“Moreover economic growth at the present is in its very early stages and there is a still a need for retailers to be able to restructure operations by effectively managing elements such as stockholding, which has a positive impact on cash flow. Cybertill will provide the necessary real time sales and stock data to enable businesses, like Woodrup Cycles, to make decisions based on the here and now, that will have long lasting positive benefits for their business,” Tomlinson added.