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Address tech saves e-ticket trader money

Friday December 17 2010

Ticket exchange company Seatwave cuts costs “significantly” in move to Postcode Anywhere

Ticket exchange company Seatwave cuts costs “significantly” in move to Postcode Anywhere


Fan-to-fan ticket exchange website Seatwave announced annual savings of £26,000 this week after switching its address management to Postcode Anywhere.


Seatwave has used address auto-fill since it began trading in London in 2006. The company allows music, theatre and sports fans to buy and sell tickets in a secure environment online.


Matthew Ephgrave, programme director at Seatwave, said: “Postcode Anywhere creates a good impression and adds to the visitor experience. The address auto-fill functionality considerably reduces keystrokes and ensures accurate contact data which means customer tickets arrive safely, on time at the right address.


“We’ve saved significant amounts of money by switching from one of Postcode Anywhere’s competitors, but it’s not just about price. The quality of the data we’re capturing means we have peace of mind that it’s clean and accurate.


Automation saves time and money


“With our previous provider we had to manually install updates every quarter. Not only was this a hassle, but data can deteriorate rapidly in three months. As Postcode Anywhere is a web service, updates are implemented automatically and on a daily basis.


“Now we’re saving something like £26,000 a year or £500 every week. Moving to Postcode Anywhere has also saved us valuable IT support time, and it’s good that we have immediate access to a real live person should we need technical support. We’re even alerted when our credit packs get to a certain level, so we never have to worry about running out.


“Postcode Anywhere was incredibly quick to integrate into applications. In fact, it was so easy that our developers finished the job in less than half a day. And support was provided free of charge. For some time, our technical lead has wanted us to move to Postcode Anywhere for its ease of integration and low cost of ownership. Suffice it to say, he is now a lot happier.”


Postcode Anywhere’s sales and marketing director, Phil Rothwell, added: “Although Seatwave’s annual savings of £26,000 are the equivalent of a full time employee, they are dwarfed by the cost reductions enjoyed by some of our other customers. With web-based and cloud based services now proven in the field, organisations of all shapes and sizes can reduce costs.”