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Soletrader adopts iPad ordering system

Sunday October 9 2011

MNP provides innovation for High Street shoe retailer with StoreActive

MNP provides innovation for High Street shoe retailer with StoreActive


MNP has announces the completion of a contract to provide Soletrader, a UK-based shoe retailer, with an integrated in store ordering system using Apple’s iPad tablet device.


Soletrader, which has a network of over 50 stores throughout the UK and sells fashionable shoes to young men and women at value prices, prides itself on its ability to constantly and rapidly evolve its product offerings.


Beyond its retail network, Soletrader has also developed an effective direct operation with extensive online trading. It concluded that, when a customer could not find their size in a store, shop assistants should advise customers to go online, which could potentially lose the sale. However, if the retailer could capture the sale and fulfil the order, albeit a day or two later, then the customer expectations were being managed, brand loyalty continued and the retailer made a sale.


Finding the right solution


StoreActive proved a suitable system, designed to be tablet independent, linking the warehouse inventory to all retail locations to ensure all sale opportunities were captured. The system works by allowing the sales assistant to search for the customers shoe requirements, place the order linked to real-time inventory. The customer can then pay via chip and PIN or online, the order is then shipped direct to home or work.


Additional benefits are that the customer details can then be captured, allowing marketing to build lifetime value from what was just a one-time puchase.


MNP StoreActive is fully integrated into the OrderActive back office order management and warehouse system.


Pierre D’Arbost, MNP Media managing director, commented: “Over recent years we have undertaken a lot of development work to ensure that our software can be easily integrated to satisfy the demands of retailers, it makes it even more pleasing that we are now achieving solution success in bridging the gap between retail and online for our customers.”