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Homebase store staff go wireless

Wednesday November 30 2011

Digital headset communication systems boost DIY store staff efficiency

Digital headset communication systems boost DIY store staff efficiency


The new Homebase DIY superstore in Aylesford, Kent is the latest store in the group to install Quail Digital wireless headsets to improve customer service.


The combination of staff wearing wireless headsets linked with keypads located at help points and cash desks in store provide a flexible and efficient platform to maximise efficiency and customer service.


The system enables supervisors and staff with specialist knowledge to keep in constant contact working in every area and department of the shop floor, mezzanine sales areas and garden centre while also receiving assistance messages from key pads and help points.


Updating legacy radio comms


Every department now uses wireless headsets, which have replaced the more cumbersome and limiting radios that had previously been used. The supplier added that its lightweight headsets operate handsfree, need no belt pack or cables and are designed to be comfortable to wear throughout a working day.


The ease of communication means that staff are able to respond instantly to a range of requests from the cash desk, office and sales areas through to queries about individual articles and stock levels and general customer requests for information or assistance.


Jon Hamilton, Homebase customer service development manager, said: “Colleagues find the system easy to use and very convenient; it saves a lot of time locating the right team member with the right knowledge, and helps give better service.”