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Friday February 3 2012

Trial will be extended to entire footwear range following double-digit sales uplift online

Trial will be extended to entire footwear range following double-digit sales uplift online


Multichannel shoe retailer Dune is planning to rollout videos across its entire footwear range online, after seeing a big increase in conversion rates on products with video compared to those without.


The shoes and accessories retailer began trialling product videos on selected lines when it launched a new website in May last year and which attracts over half a million visitors each month. Working with Adobe Scene7 rich media technology, Dune will now create online product videos for all footwear and gradually introduce them to demonstrate accessories including hats, bags and gloves. ?


Matching the store experience


“We started trialling video after spending time instore watching how our customers shop. When you consider buying a pair of shoes you walk up and down to see how they fit, how they look and move, where they crease – all of these things are important to understand what you’re actually buying,” said Rob Bostock, head of e-commerce at Dune.


“Replicating this in-store ‘catwalk’ online is helping us to engage with our customers and give them confidence in what they’re buying. The business case to rollout site-wide is clear - video has a significant impact on conversion.” ?


Dune also uses Adobe Scene7 rich media imaging technology to allow 360-degree spin, close-up zoom function and alternate views of products. ?


Maximising potential for conversion


Max Childs, senior regional marketing manager at Adobe, added: “Video gives Dune’s customers the ability to see an item in action, which in turn helps reduce returns as shoppers are given as close to a real-life experience as online can offer.”?


Bostock added: “I believe Dune is the first footwear company in the UK to do any sort of close up catwalk video. No one else is really focusing video on the shoes to showcase the product; zooming up close and showing every detail.”


Dune also has 44 standalone stores and 163 concessions in the UK and Ireland. ?