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Matalan personalises web experience

Wednesday September 5 2012

Customers now receive relevant product recommendations when they shop online

Fast fashion apparel and homeware goods retailer Matalan has implemented RichRelevance to deliver dynamic e-commerce personalisation on its website.

It will use the new software with the specific goal of increasing merchandising control and extending its personalisation across multiple channels.

By integrating RichRelevance’s personalisation technology online, Matalan is able to analyse shopping behaviour and affinities alongside data on relationships between products, product categories, brands and attributes, offering every customer a unique and personalised experience.

Dynamic response to customer behaviour

Recommendations are based on shopping patterns such as past view or purchase behaviour and adjust dynamically to ensure that each customer is presented with products that are relevant and meaningful.

The retailer also uses fashion-relevant messages, such as “customers with similar style also viewed,” to engage their customers.

“Personalisation enables us to build trust and loyalty with our customers by providing an experience that is dynamically tailored for them. Having worked with other personalisation providers, I can attest to the fact they are not created equally. With RichRelevance, we gained increased flexibility in merchandising controls and in-country support,” said Andrew Scott, head of e-commerce and international at Matalan.

“We have been very impressed with the initial results of the implementation and I am confident that our partnership with RichRelevance will continue to grow as we grow.”

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