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New EPoS aids department store expansion

Friday October 12 2012

Fourth opening for Browns of York enabled by improved systems integration, management reporting and customer service focus

Browns of York Gainsborough interiorFourth opening for Browns of York enabled by improved systems integration, management reporting and customer service focus


The Browns of York department store group has opened its fourth store in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, supported by the recent introduction of new electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) systems.


Browns’ new home is the Marshalls Yard development, a regenerated tractor factory. “This has been a high-profile redevelopment project,” explained Shane Longhorne, Browns finance director. “The buildings are unique and make for a very stylish department store.”


Technology smoothes expansion path


To support its expansion, Browns embarked on a major technology upgrade two years ago, introducing new EPoS and accounts software. In so doing, it met its goals of systems integration, better management reporting and a platform for its new reward scheme.


At the same time, it migrated its till hardware from IBM to J2 Retail Systems. “We saw that J2 hardware matched the performance of the IBM tills, but was a lot more competitively priced,” said Longhorne.


The J2 terminals have a useful role to play in the management of the reward scheme, which is helping Browns to differentiate itself from its larger competitors. “Success in today’s climate comes from loyalty built up over the years,” he continued. “We’re loyal to our customers and they’re loyal to us. Our reward programme gives them exclusive offers and promotions.”


Rewarding customer loyalty scheme


Since the reward scheme was launched nine months ago, over 30,000 customers have signed up. Cards are swiped through a reader on the J2 touchscreen tills. “Our software gives us information on the customer and his or her purchase history, displayed on the till. This enables us to engage with them and give better service. Our J2 tills speed up our sales transactions, which also contributes to good service. Unlike our bigger competitors, we can’t get high levels of margin through buying power so we have to excel in service, and our EPoS solution helps us to do that,” observed Longhorne.


Fifty J2 650 terminals are now installed across the four stores. Longhorne added: “We find the J2 terminals adaptable, working both at our retail points-of-sale and in our restaurants. It’s good that we can use a single machine throughout the business.”


For the Gainsborough opening, Browns carried out unit testing and system configuration itself. “We’re very pleased with the speed of delivery from J2. We have found it straightforward to load and configure the machines. Everything we require has been delivered well within timescales and if we’ve needed any support J2 has been there for us.”