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Crocs adopts shopper counting service

Crocs adopts shopper counting service
Monday August 5 2013

Shopper counting company provides global reach and a single system as a managed service to footwear retailer

Global footwear brand Crocs has selected ShopperTrak to provide retail traffic counting and analytics in locations worldwide.

ShopperTrak implemented its retail foot traffic counting managed service for Crocs in November 2012, just in time to record shopper numbers during the busy holiday season. The shopper counting company rolled out its service – from hardware installation to ongoing maintenance – across more than 170 Crocs stores in six weeks.

“Working with a vendor who can support our growth was important to us,” said Scott Landblom, Crocs senior director of retail operations. “We like that ShopperTrak offers dedicated client support and didn’t have to hire an outside vendor for installation. We knew we were getting an all-inclusive solution.”

Harnessing and managing traffic information

Crocs has sold more than 200 million pairs of shoes in more than 350 stores worldwide. It needed a foot traffic data partner with a global reach, a consistent delivery model. The retailer is able to utilise over 60,000 managed devices in 75 countries and centralised account management provided by ShopperTrak.

“We evaluated multiple store analytics solutions and felt that ShopperTrak was the best fit for our needs, providing high-level accuracy and ability to scale across multiple regions,” said Landblom. “Crocs is a global operation and we require our partners to be global as well. ShopperTrak provided the best solution to fulfil this requirement.”

Crocs completed its global implementation of the managed service in late spring 2013 and are already in the process of integrating traffic data into labour metrics to adjust personnel resources more effectively. The company also plans to pilot ShopperTrak’s instore analytics services to evaluate the effectiveness of visual merchandising and perform detailed store comparisons. 

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