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Digital signage gets 'Purrfect' store reception

Digital signage gets 'Purrfect' store reception
Tuesday February 4 2014

Network of digital screens deployed across PamPurredPets stores will display creative campaigns and promotions to engage customers

The South’s largest independent pet store chain, PamPurredPets, has deployed a network of digital screens in partnership with Amscreen Digital Solutions

The new signage network will deployed throughout stores in the South of England and Wales and will display creative campaigns and promotions, supplier offers and live information feeds.
With almost 50 locations in Southern England, PamPurredPets will use the digital screens to enhance the customer instore experience. 

Useful and engaging content 

Offers from suppliers will be displayed, along with animal care advice and live information such as local traffic, weather, news and Twitter feeds. And the screens have proved popular with customers instore, with initial feedback suggesting that shoppers have found the content both useful and engaging.
Steve Fowler, owner of PamPurredPets commented: “The digital screens from Amscreen presented us with the perfect opportunity to communicate with customers in a unique, fun and engaging way. 

"The fact the screens required no instore Wi-Fi, but simply one single plug socket, meant we suffered no disruption instore during installation. The system is simple to use and allows us to display friendly and highly creative information to all our customers across all our stores.”
Amscreen's 'plug and play' technology operates over mobile phone networks and can be controlled from any internet-connected computer to manage the network and content.

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