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East personalises product recommendations

East personalises product recommendations
Tuesday May 6 2014

Personalisation enables online fashion retailer to deliver more relevant and memorable experiences to consumers across every channel

East has announced its selection of RichRelevance to personalise its customers' shopping experiences at every touchpoint. 

Using the provider's adaptive recommendation engine, the fashion retailer is using real-time shopper data to tailor different style recommendations to help shoppers find what they need as they shop online.
The UK multichannel fashion retailer will use RichRelevance’s RichRecs system to deliver shopper-specific product recommendations across any channel. 

The announcement also said through RichRecs, East will be able to dynamically up and cross-sell merchandise to increase sales and average order value, while creating a more engaging overall experience for consumers.
Fostering greater customer loyalty

Nicklas Larson, managing director of RichRelevance in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, stated: “East started as a small independent boutique in London in 1984 and has since grown to over 100 stores and concessions across the UK. 

"As the brand aspires to deliver a continual journey of discovery for their customers and improve customer loyalty, we are excited to provide the technology that enables them to personalise the product recommendations to suit each customer’s unique style and individual needs.”

While the announcement did not reference an East spokesperson, Retail Technology magazine recently interviewed the retailer's trading director for its multichannel feature in the upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 issue. Contact us here to subscribe.

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