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New mobile app for luxury brand Daniel Footwear

New mobile app for luxury brand Daniel Footwear
Monday June 23 2014

The footwear and accessories retailer has created its first mobile app to enable more personalised shopping

Independent boutique retail chain Daniel Footwear has created its first mobile app to allow consumers to browse its collection of designer brands.

Created by Oikian, the app is part of an effort by the retailer to ramp up efforts to offer a more personalised shopping experience to customers.
Using the app, consumers can access items from the retailer’s collection of designer brands, including Vivienne Westwood, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and DKNY, which sit alongside its own brand, Daniel.

Driving customer loyalty
Additional features in the app are designed to drive loyalty and increase engagement, such as location-based prompts when shoppers are within 200m of a store prompting. Shoppers receive bespoke, targeted offers and promotions when they are near a store.
The app also encourages consumers to share their shopping experience via social media channels, which helps the retailer to increase interaction and build brand affinity. 

“At a time when retailers are continuously working to become more omnichannel, it's crucial that Daniel Footwear offer consumers the option to shop however they choose,” said Mike Wallwork, e-commerce director at Daniel Footwear.  “Furthermore, it's important for us to not only have a presence in each channel but to ensure that every platform is seamlessly enhanced. Each platform must also give shoppers an engaging and personalised shopping experience."
Daniel Footwear currently runs over 30 stores in 25 locations across the UK. In March 2013, the retailer upgraded its EPoS, using its cloud-based point-of-sale software to grow its multichannel business. The cloud-based nature of the system means it can be accessed from any location on any web-enabled device.

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