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Augmented Reality a reality at Tesco

Augmented Reality a reality at Tesco
Friday July 11 2014

Tesco’s Discover app, active for the last 18 months, is delivering strong results for the retailer

It was reported this week that on average, the users of Tesco's Discover app dwell on campaigns over two and a half times longer than those running on rival platforms such as Blippar. The UK retail giant is also said to have been able to increase dwell times on its app compared to other media types.  

Major consumer brands, including Coca-Cola, Disney and Merlin Entertainments, have reportedly invested in the Tesco Discover AR platform for a range of immersive campaigns created, delivered and monitored by Engine Creative.

The benefits of a brand-owned AR platform

The retailer has been offering an Augmented Reality (AR) solutions to its customers for the last 18 months. Starting with own brand products and publications, Tesco is said to have built up a user base of nearly 150k active users of its Tesco Discover app. Consumers receive additional benefits by accessing exclusive digital content through the Tesco Discover app.

Benefits to Tesco, as reported by its partner, have included the ability to build and monitor its own AR platform in a way that supports its brand vision. The retailer is also said to have achieved significant cost savings for high volume AR campaign activity.

This approach also gives Tesco complete control over the technical development of its AR platform, enabling the retailer to quickly embed and test new technology such as proximity communications.

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