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Survey: Britain leads European online shopping boom

Survey: Britain leads European online shopping boom
Wednesday October 15 2014

Research has shown that British consumers are spending more online than other European nations

British consumers are taking the lead across Europe and spending substantially more online than those in France and Germany, according to recent statistics.

The research, conducted for the fifth time this year by consumer delivery specialist Hermes, indicated that twice as many Brits (27%) have shopped online during the last three months than the French (14%) and nearly three times more than the Germans (10%).

Soaring confidence
Responses to the survey were collected from 4000 consumers across the three countries, including 2000 in the UK. The ‘2014 Parcel Deliveries Usage and Attitude Survey’ showed that retailers are now in a position to benefit from soaring confidence in online shopping, with 42% of British consumers planning to shop online even more over the next year, compared to 30% of French and 28% of Germans.

UK success abroad

Shoppers are also expanding their horizons with 73% of Brits stating they are increasing the number of retailers they shop from, again ahead of the French (64%) and Germans (58%).

Around 84% of UK and France-based shoppers have ordered from a foreign retailer’s website, compared to just 67% of the German population. Meanwhile, the results show well over a third of German and French shoppers have bought from the UK, with the country beating China and the USA to top the poll. 

Paying more for same day delivery

Home delivery was once again by far the most popular service across all countries, although delivery to a parcel shop rated well in Germany. However attitudes towards cost varied, with Brits willing to pay substantially more for same day delivery (£4.60) which is around 80% and 40% more than the amount that shoppers in France and Germany were happy to pay respectively.

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